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Welcome to the Hamid Jafarian
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about me:

My first name is Hamid and my last name is Jafarian. I'm thirty years old and I am a professor at teachers' training college. I'm interested in research as well as guiding students' researches. On the whole, my job is related to research on one side and on the other side it is related to teaching.
I life in I.R. fo Iran.


As for as I'm concerned, people think that being teacher is simple but according to my experience, it is maybe one of the most aifficult jobs. It is a various and at the same time a thoughful job.
A very important thing exists in theaching. What is in front of the teacher is called human being and very human being has got a different word of his/her own.

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My postal address is: No. 1, Azad Ave., Nierohgah, Qom, IRAN. Hamid Jafarian and Email to

Very Thanks than your kindly.